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File Rename-Batch File Rename



Only $19
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Want to batch rename quickly? File Rename is the tool you need.

File Rename is  a bulk renaming tool to rename thousands of files in few clicks.
Easy to use but powerful user interface with built in preview to see after-effects of renamed files.

With File Rename, you will be able to:

# Rename your thousands of files in few seconds.
# A simple, flexible and yet powerful interface to rename files. 
# Powerful real-time preview to avoid errors.
# Log files of renamed files.
# Change and remove File extension with File Renamer in one click.
# Rename files with numerical incremental and decrement counter and Set Counter Limits as you wish.




1) Registration code of previous version can NOT work with this version again. Please contact [email protected] and supply us with your purchase information, we will generate new registration code for you as request.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, Internet Explorer 4.0 or later





Stable and High Performance Internet Software


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-Madashell, British

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-Rom, Germany

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-J Akhter , USA



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